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About BLOM Group B.V. | Steel product specialist since 1973

What is BLOM Group B.V.?

In 1973 Piet Blom, an experienced blacksmith, set up BLOM B.V. in Vijfhuizen, which specialised in traditional blacksmith work. Over time, the business expanded into fabricating steel structures. Today, all manner of steel products are fabricated at the current site. Alongside Peter Blom (son of Piet Blom), the third generation Blom (Pieter Blom) has now joined the company.


What is BLOM Group B.V.’s business?

Over many years we have gained extensive knowledge of all metal processes, which allows us to fabricate an enormous range of different metal products. Our highly qualified and certified staff are specialised in making steel structures.


What divisions does BLOM Group B.V. have?

BLOM Group consists of four divisions, each with their particular focus area:

BLOM Engineering & Stainless Steel

What makes BLOM Engineering & Stainless Steel stand out, is that we take stock of and analyse your idea/problem together with you so that we can develop a focused and tailored solution. The kinds of problems our customers put to us and the solutions we develop for them are extremely varied.

BLOM Quality Rotary

Milking rotary manufacturer BLOM Quality Rotary B.V., founded in 1973, has produced over 1,000 milking rotaries worldwide for a range of milking rotary brands under the name ‘The Quality Rotary’. It is also a distributor of ONFARM SOLUTIONS’ The Teatwand™, an automatic udder sprayer that contributes to optimum milking operations.


Staforsta is a well-equipped sheet metal processing company whose team of experts designs, cuts, sets, welds and finishes a wide variety of steel products with sophisticated tools. These products range from trendy shop fittings and fixtures, laser-cut signs and sheet metal components for machine construction to parts for trams and buses and clever ‘scooter cubes’, but also parts for boat trailers, traffic lights and many other finished products.

Bindels Metal Work

Bindels Apparatenfabriek is a business that focuses on producing steel products in the broadest sense: both sheet metal and machining. With our many years’ experience of producing electronic control boxes, like the well-known speed cameras, we are the best advisers for your project.


Steel structures specialist since 1973

Bindels B.V.

Bindels Apparatenfabriek is a business that focuses on producing steel products in the broadest sense:


A modern and well-equipped metal processing company.

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