Stainless steel

Stainless steel, versatile and resistant

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STAINLESS STEEL, a tremendous product | BLOM Groep B.V.

What makes stainless steel such a great material? Our experts say it is because this type of steel is suitable for so many applications. And if its maintained well, it will keep its luxurious look for many years to come. In terms of processing, we have everything in-house to fabricate your product from this material.


We have customers in all types of industry, such as medical, foodstuff and signing industries. Dutch construction companies are also increasingly using stainless steel for various structures. The products we fabricate in stainless steel include:


  • Worktops
  • (balcony) railings,
  • Advertising / wall lettering
  • (Laser-cut) advertising logos
  • Stair railings (B2C and B2B)


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