The Quality Rotary

About The Quality Rotary

BLOM’s The Quality Rotary B.V. has become a household name, from family dairy farms in the Netherlands to commecial dairy businesses all over the world. The Quality Rotary has installed over 1,200 rotaries with satisfied customers all over the world. Since the early 90s, The Quality Rotary is fitted with a unique roller system developed by BLOM, which has been the highest appreciated milking rotary subframe in the industry for over 30 years.

In the early 90s the first rotaries were fitted with the nylon roller system designed by BLOM in combination with prefabricated concrete slabs. Over 60,000 of these nylon rollers are in daily use in commercial dairy farming worldwide, with an average expected lifespan of 80,000 working hours, or ten years. These running rollers and the other components of the subframe are designed for use in the most demanding conditions, for rotaries that must operate 24 hours a day. Witha present production capacity of 50 milking rotaries per year BLOM is ready to meet your demand.
Our rotaries & related products include:


  • Side-by-side outside milking rotaries (32 to 100 stalls)
  • Herringbone milking rotaries (24 to 40 stalls)
  • Side-by-side inside milking rotaries (24 to 40 stalls)
  • Goat rotaries (inside and outside) (48 to 140 stalls)
  • Height-adjustable floors for better ergonomics for the milkers.
  • Crowd gates, both straight and pivoting.
  • Teatwand™ automatic dip sprayer from ONFARM SOLUTIONS.


The Quality Rotary rotaries are in service in Europe, United States, Canada, South America, China, Israel, Russia and the former USSR states, Korea and Japan.


Innovation, speed & efficiency.

Height-adjustable floors

We can also supply ergonomic applications.

Crowd gates

All heads in the right direction.


The hygienic solution for your rotary.